22 January

The intertwining of the 30 Neapolitan seventeenth-century paintings and the documents of the Historical Archive to tell the story of Baroque Naples: the story of the characters in the paintings, the artists' experiences (the canvases) explained and interpreted through the narration of the millions of documents of the archive (paper). Historical Archive of the Banco di Napoli – Via dei Tribunali 213 from 9 November 2022 to 22 January 2023

24 January

from 15 January 2023 to 24 January 2023

30 gennaio

Over a thousand antique toys on display in a fairy-tale setting near San Gregorio Armeno From 7 December 2022 to 30 January 2023

18 March

from 09 March 2023 to 18 March 2023

23 March

Right in front of That's Napoli, in the Neapolitan museum of the Gallerie d'Italia in via Toledo, the Artemisia Gentileschi exhibition in Naples, dedicated to the painter's long Neapolitan stay. From 3 December 2022 to 23 March 2023